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  1. Employee Happiness-Organisations Happiness

    Employee Happiness-Organisations Happiness

    As an organisation, you may flaunt your swanky offices, flexible work hours and friendly environment for your employees. But, these may not be enough to make your employee dedicated to their work and loyal towards the company. So here’s where work appreciation come into play.

    Did you know that appreciation makes a huge impact on your employee’s psychological health? According to an International article, “Showing gratitude can increase a person’s wellness, increase better sleep habits, increase metabolism and lessen stress. This directly impacts work results and employee interaction. With employee appreciation, you’re not only boosting performance and engagement, but the employee’s well-being and health.”

    That’s why, it’s ever-so-important to make an appreciation plan that matches your company values, miss

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  2. Providing happiness to customers

    Providing happiness to customers

    Mostly customers expect for some extra when they purchase a product, don’t you expect the same? Other companies or retail stores provide customers with special offers like discount on their next purchase, or voucher coupon that will get them discount if they buy something from the same store. Nowadays, nearly every brand and retailer uses discounts or other promotions to grow their businesses. Companies that understand the psychology behind special offers create a favourable brand image, deliver happiness to new and returning customers, and boost long-term profitability & sales. All these attractive offers are very common in most of the places, so customers are aware of it.

    eGifts4all has offers never experienced before by customers, offers that would bring happiness to them after buying a product, offers that would excite them.

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  3. How to delight your customer?

    How to delight your customer?

    In today’s market scenario when someone buys from you, then he/she becomes your customer for the very first time and this is an important moment to grab his/her attention with your exceptional innovative offers. If you hit at first time to delight customers, they will retain; otherwise your competitors’ will easily snatch them from you. For a business, no matter how big or small they are, innovative offers play an important part in developing healthy customer relationships, making them happy and retaining them becomes much easier and cheaper.

    eGifts4all has some of the best strategies to help you in retaining your existing customers, delighting them and making them loyal towards your brand. Our customer care team can call your customers, to ask about their experience/the product or services they have brought from you. You need to check whether they are having is

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  4. Gift from HER to HIM

    Gift from HER to HIM

    Just when you thought we had a little bit of a break from the holidays, check your calendar because Valentine’s has started and all the days are thoroughly enjoyed and celebrated in couples. The only matter of tension which goes between them is what to gift this year?

    Gifts can make everybody happy. Who doesn’t love getting pampered? Everybody does, though all may not ask for it. Well, but gifting your loved one feels as good as a person receiving gifts. If you are anything like us, the holiday tends to creep up a lot faster than you think and then the night before you are scrambling to figure out the gift you are going to give him. It can be really hard to buy something meaningful and appreciative for Valentine’s Day, especially if you’re the kind of person that spends time and energy finding great gifts for Christmas, birthdays and other events. Let’s face it; you d

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  5. Gift from HIM to HER

    Gift from HIM to HER

    eGifts4all can be a one stop destination to fulfil your fashion needs. Just one click to the website and the door to several branded products will open, where you can choose from. Gifting is the most tiring work, not because you have to choose the perfect gift for that special someone but because you are half time confused if they would like the gift or not. Mostly people tend to say “thanks, I loved it” (A lie) because they don’t want to make the other person feel bad.

    It’s your choice; do you want a petty thanks or heartfelt thanks from your loved ones?

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and your partner has already started looking at you with curious and needy eyes, they are trying to tell you what they want but still you are losing all the signals and finding it hard to understand what to actually gift them. Don’t worry you are not alone at this, there a

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  6. eGifts, your Santa Claus this year

    eGifts, your Santa Claus this year

    The decoration of Christmas tree, the big blinking star hanging around houses, the holy sound of people singing the carols, when you get a glimpse of all this you know that the holidays are back.

    Christmas is just around the corner, and everyone has started making their list for Santa Claus to fulfil; something we all have believed in when we were children. And the most exciting part is when you open the surprise gifts given by your loved ones; kept under the Christmas tree just waiting to be hurriedly unwrapped on the chilly Christmas morning.

    Growing up can be boring because it means no more hidden gifts from Santa, Right? Now we have an answer to this:

    We will be the Santa Claus for our customers this year and hopefully for many coming years. Whether you had ideas for your mom and dad, your siblings, your best-friend, your

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  7. Corporate Rewarding Incentive To Employees

    Corporate Rewarding Incentive To Employees

    Every company focuses on improving their services but the most important thing is to satisfy the employee. A satisfied employee would always achieve the goals and objectives of the company. Every corporate company tends to give incentive plans to offer recognition and reward to the employees for meeting pre-established goals or objectives. Incentives may include cash bonuses, profit sharing, additional paid vacation time or any range of rewards such as gift cards, corporate merchandise or other products or services.

    The incentive needs to be effective; the reward should be worth their efforts to achieve higher degree of productivity.

    eGifts4all is the company which focuses on employee delightment programme. We offer you with gift voucher that can be used as an incentive for the employees.

    Gifting is like the most difficult

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  8. The Black Friday

    The Black Friday

    The year is about to end but before that a festival comes which everyone celebrates, no matter your religion asks you to celebrate it or not but every family would be decorating a tree in their houses. Christmas is mostly calm but twinkling festival and just before it kicks in there is one more day that is called the ‘black Friday’. The reason why it’s called that is because so many people went out to shop in US that day that it caused traffic accidents and sometimes even violence, this day is on 23rd November. The day when shopping is in the top list of priorities for people and Christmas being just around the corner we tend to gift something to everyone, our best friends, the guard with a big smile in your office building, your irritating colleagues, the friend who gives you a gift and that is why you would have to gift them as well and your close rel

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  9. About The Company

    About The Company

    This company was started in 2018 with two young master minds. Amaan and Tahir, both born in India and brought up in Saudi. After having experience of 5-6 years in brand management and marketing they decide to come back to their roots and start their own business.

    Our investment partner Sona Group who trusted us to implement our idea further has turnover of more than 800cr.Like every business start-up their idea was raw but they worked on it with a fine team along with them. Today, it has 4 branches: Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, with more than 60 working staff who serves hundreds of customers every day in India’s most connected regions.

    In the starting they found it difficult to make people understand their plan which is to convert value into multiples in the form of assured gift coupon. But when people understood they loved the idea and othe

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